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The Company

Pathfinder Strategies helps organizations achieve results through people. We partner with our clients to develop and sustain an inclusive, productive culture and positive workplace experience. We help our client’s position themselves to attract, retain and leverage talent. We also help our clients build and strengthen their teams to achieve maximum productivity and creativity. We provide clients with the tools they need to build an effective personnel succession plan and develop their future leaders.

Our services stop the financial bleeding and culture drain associated with:

• Turnover
• Team dysfunction
• Leadership break downs

Our clients experience a positive, sustainable cultural shift that frees leaders up to plan and execute strategy and energizes team members in their work. The result is a highly productive, engaged, organization that is well positioned to focus on goal attainment instead of the day to day challenges associated with dysfunction.

Our tools and customized programs empower our clients to make positive, sustainable change in their culture internally.

It’s the power of the people that keeps organizations running and growing. Let Pathfinder Strategies help you hire the right people, build team alliances and mobilize leaders.


Brandy Ferrer founded Pathfinder Strategies with the belief that dynamic teams don’t just happen and organizational success is not an accident. It requires engagement and commitment from the leaders and team members alike. Brandy believes that people are a company’s most important investment and competitive advantage. Her work harnesses the unique talents of individuals and nurtures relationships to help the organization achieve its goals.

Brandy has developed corporate training departments, organizational development initiatives, strategic planning, and national training programs. Her experience spans the public and private sectors; small local business and large national corporations in a variety of industries. Brandy has over a decade of experience in professional development including leadership and management coaching, team building, talent development and culture strengthening.

Brandy has a certificate in Adult Learning, and a certificate from the Association of Talent Development for Managing the Learning Function. Brandy is certified as an Emotional Intelligence practitioner with Multi-Health Systems.  She is also a certified practitioner and analyst for Behaviors and Motivators through Target Training International. Brandy is the only certified practitioner and coach of the BioCode System™ in the western United States.

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