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Our revolutionary Smart Select Process provides tools to supplement your selection and hiring process to ensure that you make the right hiring decisions… the first time.  From the job description to the on-boarding process, this is an opportunity for hiring managers to make savvy choices that impact culture, engagement, and productivity.

The Smart Select Process helps you captivate the talent you’re looking for and takes into consideration company values, job competencies, behavioral styles, and intrinsic motivators.

Hiring the right person for the job first saves you time and saves the organization money.  Because the process gives you a comprehensive look at your candidates, you are better positioned to engage the selected person from day 1.  This reduces ramp up and training time.  The likelihood of hiring employees who are strategically matched to align with the work, values, and culture of your company increases dramatically.

How we Help:

  • Save time and money
  • Match candidates’ skills, cultural contribution, and motivators to the position
  • Optimize employee performance from day 1
  • Have the tools that help you make sound hiring decisions…the first time
  • Identify and hire talent that complements our culture and aligns with your business needs

Services Include:

  • Job description reviews
  • Position benchmarks*
  • Talent assessments
  • Gap and talent reports*
  • On-boarding Practices

*Reports can also be used as a tool for succession planning, performance reviews, and professional development

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