Take control of workplace performance.
Grow as a Leader.
Stop swimming over the BS.

Companies that accept behaviors like finger pointing. CYA communication and mediocre performance waste time, hurt productivity and jeopardize business operations.

Ditch the frustration and focus on the work that matter with our Own It! Accountability program.

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  • Improve Personal, Team, And Organizational Performance
  • Enhance Relationships And Deepen Trust With The People You Work With And Your Customers
  • Focus On The Work That Matters
  • Ditch The Distraction Of Blame, Fear, And Broken Communication
  • Embrace Innovation To Accomplish Your Business Goals

We understand that low accountability is the reason that performance is slow, engagement is down, and you’re stuck in the status quo.

Our programs drive meaningful change for you, your teams and your organization by building on what’s working and reworking what’s not.

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Stronger Relationships and Growth through Custom Consulting

When you focus on the work that matters and let go of low accountability behaviors, relationships grow stronger, continuous learning is embraced, and people enjoy their work. All of this leads to incredible performance and business outcomes. Sounds easier said than done. After all, you’re busy, your team is busy. You don’t have the time or budget to invest in just another ineffective program. We get it, which is why we custom tailor our consulting programs based on exactly what you need and your desired goals.

Our custom consulting programs help your leaders level up, your teams excel, and your company embrace innovation. Stop swimming over the BS and focus on the work that matters!

Transform Your Habits: Our Three-Part Virtual Program

Sustainable behavioral change isn’t always easy. It takes time and effort. That’s why we’ve built a three-part virtual program to fit into your schedule and help you take small practical steps toward meaningful, sustainable change.

This program offers useful insights and bite-sized lessons and actions that will help you and your teams leave behind low accountability behaviors like finger-pointing and passing the buck, and embrace high accountability.

The skills and tools gained in this program drive performance, boost innovation and focus on the work that matters. These sessions offer rich content, opportunities to practice learning, and skilled coaches to support you in your “real world” environment.

Own It! How to Take Control of Your Work Performance

Are you ready to take control of your work performance, grow as a leader and finally stop “swimming over the BS?” Then Own It! Finger-pointing, passing the buck and evading the real issues stifle innovation, diminish performance and harm morale. There is a way forward and it starts with YOU!

In this captivating talk, Brandy Ferrer cuts through the BS surrounding low accountability in the workplace and offers meaningful perspectives and sage advice to support your own accountability and help you teams do the same. Through Brandy’s 10 years of consulting experience and research, audiences will gain straightforward tools to apply high accountability behaviors that will boost performance, improve relationships and promote innovation.

Get started on achieving your goals with our customer-centric program that includes personalized support, program selection, and positive results.

Getting started is easy!

  • First, we’ll schedule a call.

    This helps us understand your needs and goals

  • Second, we’ll select a program.

    We’ll help you determine which program is the best fit for you and your company. We’ll even help you identify measurements of success.

  • Let’s Go!

    We’ll kick off the program and support you throughout. You get to enjoy the positive results!