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Workforce Opportunities

Recently, a client who operates a large retail organization, confided that while the circumstances surrounding the pandemic have been incredibly difficult for the company and for the workforce, there have been some unique opportunities as well. For example, even though…

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Caution: Working While Human

Four ways you can bring more humanity to work and emerge “better than normal” post-COVID Heather Hiscox, Pause for Change & Brandy Ferrer, Pathfinder Strategies Human: representative of or susceptible to the sympathies and frailties of human nature. There is…

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Most Important Leadership traits NOW

Thanks to the pandemic, the past 7 weeks have brought dramatic changes to the workplace including a swift transition to working from home, different collaboration techniques, reliance on various technologies, and forced adaptation to the “new normal.” As states begin…

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Tough Decision Making

Decision making is a vital part of leadership, especially in challenging times. Leaders are tasked with crucial choices that significantly impact the workforce, operations and ultimately, the business' viability. Thanks to COVID-19, the challenges of decision making are intensified by…

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We’re Here To Help

These past few weeks have been an unprecedented time as we navigate through the changes brought about by the response to COVID-19. As we work to find a new normal in our working lives, we’re faced with challenges unlike any…

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Making Cultural Change

Hey Brandy Ferrer here with Pathfinder Strategies.  I want to talk a little about making cultural change. A lot of times when we talk about that people go into freak out mode, right? It sounds like something that’s very expensive…

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