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3 Strategies To Hire Right…the First Time

3 Strategies to hire right…the first time

Let’s face it, hiring right the first time is not easy. Aside from the competencies necessary to do the work, there are other things to consider like cultural fit, vision, longevity potential and behavioral styles. These aspects take time to identify and assess.

The time invested is well worth it though. When you hire right the first time, you ensure that the new employee is an excellent match for the positon. This means the learning curve is reduced while team performance is advanced.

The truth is, getting a warm body with passable interview skills is much faster…at least in the short term. But in the long run a hiring mistake can cost a great deal of time and money. If a person is not well suited for the position, the learning curve may be longer and steeper. This means a loss of productivity and a break down in efficiency for the team.

Whether it’s for performance issues, cultural fit or misalignment of expectations, ill-suited hires don’t usually stay with the company for long. That puts you right back to where you started-spending more time and money to recruit, hire and train someone new.

What is turnover costing you?

Here are three strategies to help you hire right…the first time.

Take your time

When hiring, many organizations focus on filling the position quickly. This is tempting because a vacant position means an increased workload and a slowdown in productivity. However, a meaningful selection process takes time and attention. Think of a new hire as an investment in the company. Invest wisely for the maximum return.


Be upfront about all aspects of the job

A common mistakes that companies make is not fulling disclosing all aspects of the job, even the less than desirable ones. Harvard Business Review states; “Hires who learn about the less-desirable aspects after they start the job will certainly feel misled, possibly underperform as a result, and even quit if the deceit is bad enough. It’s much better to be honest from the outset. Scare away those who won’t fit — and establish positives that will attract the right candidates into the pool.”


Let the position do the talking

Most candidates won’t check every single box on the job posting, so make a list of the most important attributes you want to those that you are willing to pay for, whether with money or with intangibles. When devising this list, think of the position itself. Don’t compare the needs of the job to a previous employee or superstar performer.


Pathfinder Strategies offers a Job Benchmarking process to help you hire right the first time. Learn more here or by calling us at (888) 529-0240.

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