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Regain Your Balance In 10 Minutes Or Less

Regain your balance in 10 minutes or less

Imagine this scenario: You wake up 20 minutes late. One of the kids tells you that she forgot about an assignment that is due that day. Your stress level continues to rise as you work through math homework while simultaneously making lunches and looking over notes for your early morning meeting. You finally get yourself and the kids ready and drop the kids off to school. Then you blow a tire on the way into the office. Not only do you have to miss the meeting, but you ruin your jacket while putting the spare. When you walk in, the receptionist-always friendly and warm-greets you “good morning.” Without even thinking, you snap “What’s so good about it?!?”

These every day occurrences can ruin your day. Did you know that for every negative incident it can take up to 4 hours to emotionally rebalance? You have a choice: let negative incidents dictate the outcome of your day and your emotional quotient OR flex your resiliency muscle, handle the challenging situations and emotionally rebalance quickly.

Here are 3 quick and easy tips to rebalance yourself emotionally:

  1. Take a breath. When feeling an intense emotion it’s easy to ride the tide of that emotion and respond without being self-aware. How you respond in that split second can have longer term ripple effects. So, when you experience a high level of emotion give yourself permission to pause for a moment or two. Take several deep breaths and focus solely on your breathing. This helps to deescalate the emotion and regulate your heart rate and stress level.
  2. Smile and laugh. You may not feel much like smiling when you’re having a bad day. But give it a try. Watch a funny You Tube video or phone a friend to help cheer you up. Smiling and laughter sends a message to your body that you are not actually in a stress state. Your cortisol (stress hormone) decreases and your heart rate regulates. This goes a long way in rebalancing your emotional state and boosts your mood!
  3. Keep it in perspective. In a highly charged emotional state, everything can feel like a crisis. Keeping the situation in perspective can help you handle the emotion and stress more effectively. When you are feeling this way, ask yourself “will this really matter in a month from now? A year from now?”

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