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EI In Leadership Part 2: Build A Genuine Team

EI in Leadership Part 2: Build a Genuine Team

The 3 key areas that effective managers work on every day are; building trust, building a team, and building their networks-in essence, building relationships. This requires a great degree of emotional intelligence and skill. In the last blog, the focus was building trust. The focus of today’s blog is what you can do to build a genuine team.

What’s the purpose?

An effective team comes together around a compelling purpose and shared values. Work with team members to establish or reiterate what that looks like. Be sure to point out the impact that the team’s work has on accomplishing organizational goals.


Foster Collaboration

Each member of your team has a diverse set of experiences, values and driving forces. Seek ways to leverage these experiences to draw out creative ideas and problem solving approaches. Remember that each member of the team has their own unique style and strengths. Coach team members to appreciate those differences as they create a well-rounded and genuine team.

Foster frequent, honest communication among team members by setting the example and being clear in the expectations.


Rules of engagement

The rules of engagement for the team are explicit and implicit understandings of how members work together. For example-what are the expectations when working with a member of the team who is remote? What types of conflicts are permitted and what kinds are not? Work with the team to determine and execute these guidelines.

Stay tuned for tips building networks. Interested in learning more about leveraging emotional intelligence in leadership? Contact our experts at Pathfinder Strategies! or by phone at 888-529-0240.

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