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Find Your Groove


Summer time in Tucson tends to be a fairly quiet. We take our family vacations and sneak in long weekends in the White Mountains (or anywhere else that offers a reprieve from the heat!)  Business slows down too. With the Snowbirds and student population gone, many businesses take Fridays off or close down shop for the entire summer.


As we head toward September though, our minds turn to getting back into the groove of our regular family and business routines. The kids are back in school and most of our colleagues are back from vacation. It’s time to turn our attention to ending the year strong. Here are tips to get you going after the summer doldrums and get pumped to finish out 2014!


1. Resume and improve your regular routine:

During the summer time, we tend to stay up later and sleep in a little. Regular routines like breakfast times and homework aren’t as necessary. Now is the time to not only get back into a routine, but set an improved routine. This may include waking 15 minutes earlier so you’re not as rushed in the morning. You may even have time to walk the dog and plan your day.  Try picking out your clothes the night before (have the kids do this too.) Make a list either at the end of the work day or first thing in the morning of everything you want to accomplish for the day. Establish good habits and stick to them.


2. Get organized:

Start by clearing your desk; file important paperwork, trash the useless stuff and organize a clean workspace. Everything should have its place so that when you’re working you can easily reach what you need (staplers, pens) but are free of the unnecessary items (unrelated files, business cards.) After your desk is complete, move on to the rest of your office. Get your book shelves and filing cabinets in order. You will feel much better equipped to move forward, and sifting through everything will help re-familiarize you with your projects, clients, etc.


3. Reconnect:

Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve connected with your network. Reach out and say hello. Continue regular participation in referral and networking groups. Stop in to check on how you clients are doing. Send a warm letter to your contact sphere to say hello. Be sure to schedule lunch or coffee with the centers of influence in your network.



4. Review your goals:

Take a look your yearly and quarterly goals. Are you on track? If so, congratulations! If not, now is the time to create an action plan to move you closer to obtaining them. Make sure your goals are written and are display in place where you are constantly reminded of them. Jot down your action steps and prioritize them. Build action items into your weekly schedule.



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